Do you have an inner Mustang?

I love sharing a good car commercial, and this is one of my current faves. The best part is the end with the little girl in the pink ballerina outfit. Yep, everyone has an inner Mustang. ... Especially if it's a 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, which comes out this summer. Sigh.


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  • If she has an inner Mustang, it is usually in some Barbie set.

    I might have had one once, but now my inner might have been the Honda Civic with both front and back engines (a real bad C&D project car).

    What I get as a big laugh is a couple of MotorWeek episodes, extolling stuff like the "fastest Jaguar ever," but not mentioning their politically correct CO2 and barrels of oil indices.

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