Fiat 'House Arrest' commercial is #winning

I love the Fiat 500 because it's fun to drive ... as well as the perfect size for Chicago. This new commercial with Charlie Sheen shows off it's capability because of it's compact size. Though I find Sheen annoying, I enjoyed the commercial anyway.


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  • 1. Seems similar to someone creating a drive in in a hotdog restaurant about 1-1/2 weeks ago, by driving through the double doors to the counter. Somehow the driver eluded posts separating the parking lot from the front window of the store. I see that the Patch took the same angle I did.

    2. Apparently Fiat/Chrysler is trying to appeal to males for the Arbath instead of J-Lo advertising the Gucci edition 500. However, I wonder if it works for that car.

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