Chicago Auto Show: Lexus LF-LC Concept

OK. I walked all 1.2 million square feet of the 2012 Chicago Auto Show, and of all the vehicles on the entire floor, I finally found my favorite: The Lexus LF-LC Concept. Launched in Detroit last month, this concept is described as a hybrid 2+2 sport coupe, but further powertrain details are scarce. Which means: You won't see a vehicle like this from Lexus in the near future. Thus this is primarily a design concept, showcasing some elements that you will likely see in future product. In small doses. But even though this vehicle won't see the light of day as a production model, it didn't stop me from salivating publicly in the Lexus display. So, I thought I'd let you drool in private with some raw video from the show.




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  • As far as it not becoming a production car, that's about as likely as Ford saying that the Lincoln MkR wasn't going to be produced, but, sure enough,the MkS wasn't that much different, even though it didn't have Lincoln shields in its tires and glass roof.

    With others saying that Lexus needs a halo car, especially since its and Toyota's lineup is so bland design-wise, they will be building something very close to this. And its snout isn't that different than that of the 2013 GS.

    Also, the lack of a designation of a driveline doesn't mean much, since Toyota has plenty of hybrid drivelines. If Cadillac can put a Chevy 2.5 engine in an ATS (do I hear Cimarron here?), except that, since the indication in C&D is that it is going into the ATS first, maybe Chevy is getting a Cadillac engine, at least according to the sales force.

  • In reply to jack:

    but lexus already has a halo -- LF-A. so, i don't know that LF-LC will see the light of day. but absolutely aspects of the car will show up in others -- like the snout of the GS. usually the gauge of how close a concept car is to being produced is based on how many details they give you. so if they give you horsepower ratings and have a realistic interior, that means you'll likely see the car in a year or 2. but if, like the LF-LC, they give you few details and have a highly disfunctional (but beautiful) interior, it's more of a test-the-waters kind of car. if they do want to produce something like this, i'd expect another concept next year that's more true to realistic form. remember the original chevrolet volt concept? that was a test-the-waters car that did come to fruition, but the production vehicle is NOTHING like the original concept ...

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