Today's Rant: Mazda5 headrest (or headrests in general)

Today's Rant: Mazda5 headrest (or headrests in general)

I have to admit, I feel like I'm calling out Mazda a little unfairly. While you can see the prominent forward lean of the headrests in the Mazda5, this isn't unique to this car or even this automaker. Due to safety regulation, more and more headrest are taking on this aggressive lean.

And I hate it.

Maybe it's a chick thing. Maybe it's a petite person thing. But whatever it is, it gives me a crick in my neck. Especially when I have my hair up. Surely there has to be a better way to do these things and meet all regulations to help prevent whiplash in the event of an accident.

All I know is that when I get a headrest like this in a car, I typically pop the headrest all the way up so that my head doesn't get pushed at a funny angle, or I lean the seat back so that it just touches the bottom of my shoulder blades. Neither of those seem like safe alternatives.

My mom's solution: to take the headrest out of the socket and turn it around.



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    I've noticed it too, and I'm 6 foot. The other thing that is REALLY annoying is trying to put car seats in with headrests like that - if it's a tall carseat, often times it won't sit properly because of the headrest. I end up pulling them all the way out.

  • In reply to Jeff Haskell:

    glad to know it's not just the short peeps who have a problem. :) are you talking rear-seat headrests, jeff -- or are there car seats that go in the front? (asks the child-inept single female ...)

  • I have seen a few cars out there driven by "chicks" with their headrests turned backwards.

    Now I know why. Thanks for the explanation, Jill.

    BTW if you are looking for a super aggressive headrest may I suggest the Volvo S60 T-6R!!

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