Honda CR-V Super Bowl Commercial: Broderick ... Broderick

Since I teased it on Friday, I figured I'd bring you the full thing today. All I have to say is: I love it! What do you think?




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  • Saw it on the Tribune site first, but am disappointed.

    Instead of the premise of the last post that it was Ferris Bueller tooling around in a CR-V, it is Broderick himself slacking off for the day, in southern California in a car with a California license plate.Besides there not being palm trees in Northbrook, I doubt that anyone with a butler would have him send for a CR-V.

    The bit with the bear seemed sort of Homer Simpsonish, except Homer is committed to the Canyonero.

    Maybe Steve Dale can figure out what is the deal with the dog choir singing Star Wars music for VW, which at least seemed more interesting.

  • In reply to jack:

    lol ... i love the idea of this commercial, but i do have to admit, i was hoping to see some chicago in this. i have a feeling those of us who live and have lived in this area will be the most critical.

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