Dodge Dart, Acura NSX: 2 cars to watch launched at NAIAS

Yesterday, I had the chance to chat with a TV station in Toledo, Ohio, about a couple of the cool cars launched this week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. One is practical (2012 Dodge Dart), and one is pie in the sky (Acura NSX Concept). I can't wait to drive both! Unfortunately, only Dodge Dart will make an appearance at the Chicago Auto Show, but I'm sure there will be other cool concepts to capture your heart. (Mark your calendars for the first public day: Feb. 10.)


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  • I doubt that Dodge Dart has any brand equity in the group they want to target, which was not alive when the last Dart was around.

    Also, while it has the butch Dodge styling, the dimensions indicated by other web images indicate that it is essentially a butch Neon. Then one gets into the issues of a Fiat underpinning with a Chrysler engine with Fiat valves.

    I might be interested in the Acura ILX, in that the Accord is getting too big. However. like the Dart, it may be too small, and, of course, there is the question implied in your interview whether it would be assembled in Ohio or thereabouts.

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