Coming Soon: Ferris Bueller drives a Honda?

In case you missed it yesterday, there was a 10-second spot that went positively viral on YouTube (more than 1M views and climbing). It is a tease with none other than Matthew Broderick asking: "How could I handle work on a day like today?" The buzz from Jalopnik is that this is not a tease for a Ferris Bueller sequel but a Super Bowl commercial for a ... Honda? And a CR-V no less. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I suppose even Ferris had to grow up someday.

But my question to you, Chicago, is: If Ferris were to skip work on Monday: What must-see sights would he hit in 2012? And, if not a Honda, what do you think he'd be driving?



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  • Since he was a rich kid from the North Shore (websites indicate Glenbrook North, home of the fighting senior girl Spartans), he'd probably be driving a Lexus or BMW, and if he needed a family sized one, an X5 or RX400h. Maybe he would still drive it to premium parking at Wrigley Field, but more likely to the United Center to see D-Rose and Kane (his kind of guy). His wife might be driving the CR-V to unload the kids at Northbrook Court while she is having relations with a professional football player,* or to a birthday party at the park district. Too late to hang out at the Deerfield Multiplex (closed and now run by the park district) with other Bears and Bulls.

    *Reference to the Marni Yang trial.

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