VroomGirls: New automotive website for women

VroomGirls: New automotive website for women

Stats show that 85 percent of the car-buying purchases are influenced by women. So, I have to say it's about damn time that there's an automotive website out there dedicated to us. It's a darn good one, too. And I'm not just saying that because I'm doing some writing for them. Though, I admit, that's part of it.

I'd like to give an official shout out to VroomGirls.com ... where you'll find long-form car reviews, car driving tips, road trips and a place where you can have your car questions (any car question) answered. The tone is approachable and witty, and, guys, you might just like it, too.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter @VroomGirls and find them on Facebook.

And, here are just a couple of my reviews that have hit their pages so far:


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  • I guess they won't be advertising what's in the classified section of any other car magazine. Maybe the MacNeil "hot mommies" ads might still fit.

    As far as comment on the site, I suppose one can use the "search" box, but it seems a pain to have to page through to get to a car down in the alphabet. Also, is Tara real, as she seems to appear only as a cartoon? A very fashionable one.I hope that she doesn't end up looking like Pat Bedard.

  • LOL ... tara is real. though i haven't met her in person, so the voice on the end of the line could be a fabrication ... ;) just kidding. i believe the front-page photo is her in the porsche. have you tested the browse by type feature? i like that much better than looking at the reviews by alpha.

  • In reply to Jill Ciminillo:

    Now that you mention it, the right side has both Browse by Brand and Browse by Type, and if one clicks on See All enough times, one gets all brands on one page. At least an easier method of getting to the LR4.

    I also assume that the categories are not mutually exclusive, in that Mom Cars contains a certain number of compact sedans, hybrids, and the like, as opposed to strictly minivans and CUVs. Mom probably can't get the family into the Cute Cars, though.

  • at least not a very big family... :)

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