VW GTI plaid seats: Love it or hate it?

VW GTI plaid seats: Love it or hate it?

When I was testing the VW GTI last week, there was so much to like from the compact size to the heated cloth seats. But, what I couldn't quite make up my mind on was the plaid nature of those seats. I put it out there on Twitter and it seems that people either love them or hate them. I got responses ranging from they're classic to they're awful.

So, what do you think ... yay or nay? And, if given the option, would you own a car with them?

My concern: You'd get quite tired of them after, oh, a couple weeks.



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  • Plaid no, but in any event, now only leather for me (at this stage of life).

    The light gray is even worse, and probably will be easily stained unless they have extremely industrial strength Scotchguard on it.

    Of course, as they point out in marketing class,* one also has to be sensitive about what Germanic Tribe uses that tartan.

    *Actually a reference to Mickey D's in Scotland.

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