2012 Hyundai Veloster

I need to start by saying pictures do not do this car justice. The 2012 Hyundai Veloster might just be the most creative and attractive vehicle I've driven this year. From ride and handling to engine output, the Veloster far exceeded any expectation I had for a car with a base price of $17,300.

I had the opportunity to spend two full days in the automatic and manual transmission models, and there was very little I did not like about the all-new Veloster. It's sporty and fun, practical and cool, and in my mind, it has jumped to the top of my favorite Chicago-worthy cars. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review, but rest assured, that this is one car you must test is you're looking for something small and sporty for Chicago.



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  • I'm looking forward to driving this! I can't wait for the turbo under hood I think that engine will truly do this car justice! I'm also interested to check out the DCT.

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