So, whadahyawannaknow? Fiat 500

In typical fashion, I asked my tweeps what they wanted to know about the Fiat 500 when I swapped into it. I got 7 questions rather than the 2 or 3 I normally get. So, I decided to format this as a photo gallery this week and give long-form answers in the captions. Here's to hoping this looks OK ... And that I answered all your questions. Want to know anything else about the Fiat 500? Just ask.


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  • I think the last question is related to "how many clowns fit in a VW Beetle," on which Car & Driver did a "scientific" review about a year ago. However, you are more petite.

    Both the 500 and Mini were on display at Northbrook Days, and I would concur with C&D that the Mini looked much more substantial. BTW, the Mini and Rolls are made by the same company. Of course, so are the Lambo and Skoda.

  • so are the bugatti veyron and the vw beetle ... i don't disagree that mini looks more substantial, but in actual fact, i'm not sure i agree. earlier minis (like my sister has) are certainly more solid and have more metal pieces. but i kind of feel like mini is selling out with more recent models. much more plastic with no trade-off in price reductions.

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