Meet @GirlintheTrunk

Meet @GirlintheTrunk
2011 Dodge Challenger

It started as a joke.

When I worked for the other media company in town, I used to do video car reviews. And, at one point I did a review of the Corvette ZO6, goggling over the sheer size of the trunk space. Unusual in a 2-seater. So, I mentioned to my videographer that we should get a shot of me in the trunk. Ha. Ha. Ha.

To my surprise, he said: OK! Great idea!

With all my auto buddies looking on (and laughing), the joke was born: How many Ciminillos can you fit in the trunk of a ... ? I've become a unit of measure, a hashtag on twitter (#ciminillo) and, now, a twitter handle: @girlinthetrunk. Since I think it's funny ... and I hope you do too ... I figured I'd just go with it. So, now there's a girlinthetrunk posterous dedicated to this trunked-up female auto writer.

And, since I'm going with it, I figured I'd film a little video to show you that getting into the trunk isn't always as easy as it looks. Enjoy ... and feel free to LOL. Photo gallery coming soon ...


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  • I don't know if I would rather have C&D's standard of measurement of number of cases of beer in an SUV or number of girlinthetrunks. Probably the latter, but would have to be at least 24. So, start cloning yourself.

  • In reply to jack:

    LOL ... i don't know that the world can handle 24 of me. :)

  • I feel like I can sleep all day on that trunk, it looks cozy. haha. You fit comfortably well on that trunk. =)

    Paola @ PickaWeb UK Web Hosting

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