Hyundai Veloster: Score 1 for the third door

Ok, this is officially funny. Supposedly this is a banned Dutch ad. If so, I can kind of see why. Still made me laugh out loud. You?

Score one for the third door.

Bonus points: can you name the first car shown in the spot?


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  • As far as the first car, all silver cars of that size look the same except that it has a fast back, but most European cars have the latter, so I pass.

    Naming a car after a supposed ravenous dinosaur is a new idea. Maybe the GMC Suburban should have been the Tyrannosaurus Rex, to differentiate it from the Chevy Suburban.

    Also, does the slogan at the end work if the car is sold in England, Australia or Japan?

  • In reply to jack:

    Maybe it is not the same as the dinosaur, but close.

  • fb_avatar

    Mazda 3?

    I remember similar comments on the mini clubman where the 3rd door opened into the street for drivers in the UK

  • In reply to Toss Bhudvanbhen:

    Could be, but even if the front was shown and we saw the gaping mouth, it still could be a Ford Focus (except then the emblem would be visible). One, I suppose, could make an argument about how far the fenders bulge.

    One would have to look at the pictures of the models sold in Europe, anyway, since, for instance, the European Honda Accord is supposedly the basis for the Acura TSX here, and the Passat assembled and sold here is bigger than the real one in Europe. Undoubtedly, it isn't any VW, though.

    Apparently the Dutch are not like us, such as the commercial where the Honda salesman stops by at the Nissan store, apparently to make an inference that Honda is still having supply chain problems after the earthquake and tsunami.

  • it is the ford focus. they often remove obvious badging in commercials so that it's not an overt bash. but the taillights are unmistakeable. check out the gallery on

  • In reply to Jill Ciminillo:

    Not that I'm into taillights, but...

    that and a lot else doesn't show up playing the clip in the frame. It works much better to right click on it and (at least in my case), select Download Video to Real Player.

    The Grim Reaper is also much more apparent that way.

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