What would you do if you had a Rolls-Royce for 2 days?

Last week I had the rare (very rare) opportunity to drive a Rolls-Royce Ghost for 2 days. So, naturally, I asked my tweeps and Facebook fans what they would do with such a car. While I couldn't bring myself to do most of them (frankly, I'm shy), I did get a good laugh reading the responses. I figured there would be no better way to share their responses than to create a photo gallery (including my initial question, but otherwise in no apparent order because ChicagoNow doesn't seem to have that feature), and then let them speak their responses in their own words.

Following are my top 10 favorites ... But thanks to all who replied. You made my day!

Do you know what you'd do with a Rolls-Royce for 2 days? Feel free to comment below and continue the conversation. I might even tell you what I ended up doing for 2 days myself ...


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  • White Castle drive trough...buy 20 sliders and throw the pickles on other cars. This was fun to do in high school, even better with a Rolls-Royce.

  • In reply to MichBearFan:

    ahhh, but would you ask for grey poupon? :)

  • I would go with the speed chase. Probably, though, a performance test in an area without the cops. Wheelies on the "world's longest driveway" or something like that.

    BTW, C&D said that Bentley didn't have a hood ornament, but the "radiator mascot" was an extra cost option. At least Rolls still includes that. Which reminds me of my father saying "Why are truck drivers so angry? Because they are always looking at a bulldog's butt." (Mack trucks)

  • In reply to jack:

    yeah, my boss said he'd bail me out of jail if i got arrested for speeding, but i figured the insurance hike, potential damage to the car and criminal record were too great of a risk (i believe it's a felony charge in illinois now if you're 30 mph over!) ... so i behaved.

    spirit of ecstasy on the Rolls is gorgeous ... it pops up when you unlock the car, and it hides when the car is locked. such a brilliant idea.

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