Today's Rave: Cadillac CTS-V Coupe interior

I loved pretty much everything about the interior of the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. From the reverse stitching to the etching in the emblem on the gearshift, the CTS-V is one incredibly beautiful vehicle. Of course, a lot of what I love is optional like the Recaro high-performance seats ($3,400), Midnight Sapele wood trim package ($600) and sueded steering wheel and shifter ($300). But it's a small price to pay (in the grand scheme of things) for the shear luxury you get in return.

Base price for the CTS-V Coupe is $62,165, and as-tested the final MSRP rang in at $69,440 (including options, destination and gas guzzler tax).




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  • it sure looks like a luxurious interior. the material the shift knob is composed of caught my eye. it looks soft, almost foam-like. does the material have some give to it when grasped?

    but despite all this, i still cant get over the cts coupe's rear end, especially the height of that rear bumper! yikes!

  • hi, dancelikenooneswatching ... the shift knob is actually pretty solid, though the surface material is incredibly touchable. the rear bumper didn't actually bother me, though the high sight line did -- lots of blind spots in this car ... including the view around the side mirrors.

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