Photo Gallery: Lexus LFA


I was just cleaning photos off my cell phone and realized I had never shared the pics from my trip to Autobahn Country Club where I had the opportunity to take a couple (and I do mean 2) laps in the Lexus LFA. I shared a couple of videos ... but not the photos themselves. So, here you go. Drool away ...

Some quick specs on the LFA (the ones that matter anyway):

Top speed: 202 mph
0 - 60 mph: 3.6 seconds
Horsepower: 552 @ 8,700 rpm
Torque: 354 pound-feet @ 6,800
Base price: $375,000

And in case you missed the videos, check out my walkaround or my Blair-Witch-type hot lap from the passenger seat.



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  • h t t p : / / 0 8 4 5 . c o m / I n r

    I tide fashion

    Good-looking, not expensive

    Free transport

  • That's a great looking car.Pretty cool article.

  • In reply to 1ATony:

    thanks 1ATony! i have to say the LFA is up there on the coolest cars i've ever driven list ...

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