Today's Rant: Hyundai Sonata phone mic


I'm having a serious sense of deja vu. Then again, it's more of a memory of something that really happened. I checked my archives. In a previous rant, I said pretty much the same thing about the Kia Sorento: The mic for the phone is in absolutely the wrong place in the Hyundai Sonata.

It's great for the driver, situated just on the left side, near the driver's window but in front of the sun visor. It's bad if you have your sister in the car after Easter mass and are trying to call your parents in Florida to talk to them together.

The conversation went something like this:

Sister: Can you hear me?
Mom: What?
Jill: Can you hear Jenny?
Dad: No. How was her week?

I look to my sister who says it was good.

Jill: Good.
Mom: What are your plans today?
Dad: Are you going to the gym?

I look to my sister who says yes.

Jill: Jenny says yes ...

You get the idea. It was a peculiarly one-sided conversation, and very little fun for me.

So, I put this plea out to you Hyundai (who own's Kia): Please, please, please move the mike to the center.


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  • I won't lie I like the bluetooth in cars, but isn't it mainly a driver aid designed to aid one person in calling? You know I usually agree with you Jill, but it doesn't seem logical to move the mic to the center because how often do you have a phone call outside of a car with 2 people on a single phone?

    It's just me but nine times out of ten you're probably using the bluetooth alone unless you're having a conference call in your car. I just think this is a personal preference thing that its hard for a car company to really make a change to. Sorry didn't mean to sound like a dissenter or anything its just a phone mic now if the radio control was placed in front of the passenger seat now there would be a rant :) thanks for a good article again Jill!

  • I hear what you're saying ... But this isn't the first time this has happened. I frequently take road trips and use the time for me and my co pilot to make phone calls together. This is coming from a single person without kids. Imagine calling grandma with the kids ... So much easier with an appropriately positioned mic.

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