Today's Rave: Dodge Durango mirror knob


It's such a silly, small thing, really. But, it's one of those things that actually matter: The placement of the mirror adjustment knob.

Most cars do it badly. Very badly. They put it on the dashboard or some other equally unreachable location so that you twist and turn to reach it while trying to keep your head in some semblance of the location where it'll actually be while you're driving. You know, so you can adjust the mirror properly.

But what ends up happening is a series of reaches and twists and readjustments until you get it mostly right. All because of an ill-placed knob.

The 2011 Dodge Durango, however, gets it right. Instead of putting the knob just out of reach, Dodge places it square on the door, right next to the window levers. ... And naturally where your fingertips land if you rest your arm on that ledge. So, all I have to say is: Thank you!

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