Today's Rave: Chrysler 200 rear profile

chrysler200.jpgWhile I've only had the Chrysler 200 for about 36 hours and can't give a full report just yet, I did want to share one thing I really like about it: the rear view.

Chrysler did a great job with the taillights, large Chrylser logo and chrome integration. Dual exhaust doesn't hurt either.
More to come ...


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  • While I agree that the new 200 looks (a little) better than the truly sad car it replaces, I still feel this car is so, well, boring. If this is the car pegged to pull Detroit out of their slump I fear they are still in trouble. I think this car might have been impressive as an '02 model, not a '12. They are a generation behind. There are simply way too many competitors who provide more noteworthy and exiting options. I

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