Today's Rave: 2011 Ford Explorer phone pairing


Pretty much everything about the new Ford Explorer is visual eye candy. But nowhere is this more evident than the jewel-colored Sync system installed in this week's car du jour. More than being visually appealing, I'm particularly fond of how easy most features on this system are to use. Without RTFM'ing.

Take, for example, the phone pairing. Upon entering the phone quadrant, it immediately recognized that no phone was paired and prompted me to begin pairing procedures on a new phone. It provided a password and took mere seconds to find my Bluetooth-enabled Palm Pixi.

Since I have an hour commute, a paired phone is key. That's when I catch up with friends and family, and of course, Chicago is hands-free. After the likes of the Volvo S60, this pairing process was a refreshing change.

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