2011 Infiniti M37: Roomy but expensive

I liked the 2011 Infiniti M37. But it was mostly for all the gadgets and geegaws that were included in the $60K price tag. The navigation system worked really well, and I fully appreciated the voice commands that got it right the first time. The rear camera was helpful for those tight city maneuvers, and the heated seats and steering wheel are perfect for this bitter Chicago clime.

But ... (and there always is one.)
This is one big car. In fact the length is comparable to a compact SUV. Without all the extra storage space. And the biggest downer was the wide turning radius. There were several 3-point turns out of my parking space in the test week that a more agile car could have handled with ease.
On the plus side: the 3.7-liter V-6 engine that delivers 300 horsepower. Wow! I was trying to watch the mpgs (and ended the test week with a perfectly respectable 22 mpg), so I didn't over use the oomph, but it was nice to have when merging onto the highway or passing slower traffic. It has a definite "don't mess with me" air.
Chicago-worthy rating: 3. While I fully appreciciated the AWD and heated steering wheel, the price tag and turning radius were too much to overcome in terms of making this a good urban vehicle. A good suburban vehicle, perhaps, but Chicago? Not so much.

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