Chicago Auto Show: Free parking? You betcha!


So, after my Chicago Auto Show post on the Prius giveaway, one of my faithful twitter followers (@spothero) messaged me about free parking for the show.

Lest you think there isn't any, I defer to my friends at SpotHero. They provided me the above map with streets lined in red that have free parking. You will note that there is some walking involved, but "free" beats $19 any day!

After checking out their reference to free parking at McCormick Place, I surfed around the SpotHero blog a bit and found a couple other posts you might find interesting:

This blog is relatively new, but I hope they keep at it. Free parking in Chicago is my favorite!

Note: The Chicago Auto Show opens to the public today at 10 a.m. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

And, see what you should know before you go to the 2011 Chicago Auto Show ...


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  • All show parking lots go down to $10 after 6 pm. Worth noting in case the free parking's all taken when one gets there...

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    also good to note that the 31st street lot is $14 -- thanks to Dave Sloan, president of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association, for pointing that out!

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    The simplest way to deal with the Auto Show (if one wants to go) is to take public transit. Red Line to Cermak/Chinatown and then the #21 bus east to McCormick Place. It does seem a bit ironic, though, to be taking public transit to a show that celebrates private transportation.

  • Way to ruin a secret!

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    A huge round of applause, keep it up.

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