Today's Rave: Infiniti QX56 Around View Monitor


Infiniti Around View Monitor

The Infiniti QX56 is one big puppy. With a length of 208.3 inches and a turning radius of 41.6 (ouch!) inches, it's not an easy vehicle to maneuver in tight spaces.

So, the QX isn't quite my idea of an urban vehicle. Thus the standard Around View Monitor is key. The rear view camera, which is a part of the system, is cool in and of itself with its curving trajectory lines and red, yellow, green zones that depict spacial relations. But the coolest part of this feature is the 3 additional cameras that combine to give you a view of the entire vehicle that appears to be from a point outside and above the car.

During the test week, I was able to parallel park in tight spaces and avoid hitting my neighbor who parks like an asshole next to me.

I couldn't imagine owning such a large vehicle without this feature, so I also have to offer kudos to Infiniti for making it standard on the QX56, which has a starting price of $57,850.



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  • You go, Jill.

    Tell us how you REALLY feel about how your neighbor parks next to you!!

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