Today's Rant: Infiniti QX56 fuel economy


My very first drive in the Infiniti QX56 was a relatively normal one in my book. A 45-minute commute from Logan Square to Hoffman Estates. Traffic was stop and go from Kimball through Harlem, then it was smooth sailing at speed all the way up through the Jane Addams to the Barrington exit. I averaged 15.5 mpg, and I was pleased. I considered it a good start. Something I could build on. Especially since the estimated mileage rings in at 14 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway.

Unfortunately, it only got worse from there. I went down to 13.4 mpg and couldn't get that average economy back up no matter what I tried.

Oh, and by the gas gauge, it appears as though I was chugging through 1/4 tank of gas. A day. Gulp.

And before you say it: I know that people who spend $60K on a car can
probably afford to fill up their tank with $50 of gas 2 times a week.
But still. I like to think the automaker is getting a little more
socially responsible ... even if the population isn't.

While I have stayed close to the estimated range, I was truly hoping to
get some higher numbers. Then again, considering that the QX56 is
equipped with 5.6-liter V-8 that delivers 400 horsepower, perhaps I
should consider myself lucky.

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