Toyota Avalon is ho-hum nice


I recently had the chance to test a Toyota Avalon, and I have to say it met with mixed reviews. There was nothing particularly wrong with the car ... but nothing was exceptionally right either.

The particular faves included:

  • Suave LED taillights
  • Spacious trunk
  • Nice and roomy interior
  • Decent MPGs

But that's about it.

There was, however, a lot that could use some improvement. Including:

  • Bland interior
  • Cookie-cutter exterior
  • Boat-like ride
  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Wide turning radius

I really don't mean to completely bash the Toyota Avalon. It's nice for a large sedan. But a little too vanilla for my tastes.

You can judge for yourself with the below photo gallery. Note: I
apologize for using media kit photos, but until the weather here in
Chicago shapes up a little, I can't get good shots of my own.

Base price: $32,445


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