Mazda6 is attractive but basic


When I think of Mazda, I think of zippy cars with a great turning radius. Other adjectives that also come to mind: sporty, cute, fun-to-drive, engaging.  

However, with the Mazda6 the vision kind of sputtered and stuttered. Not that this is a bad car. Actually it's quite good for a mid-size sedan with a 4-cylinder engine. Especially one that's priced under $20K. It just didn't quite have the Mazda aura for me.

The 170-horsepower 4-cylinder was peppy but a little loud. The steering was light where I wanted stiff. And the turning radius was wide and cumbersome for tight city spaces.

Oh, and the test car had the 5-speed automatic when I really wanted the
6-speed manual. Which, coincidentally, is only available on the base i
Sport model. If you want any up-level features or trim levels, or if you
upgrade to the V-6, you'll have to take the 5-speed or 6-speed
automatic transmission respectively.

But the exterior styling is distinctly Mazda, and there were several
features I adored on this car, including the welcome light on the side
mirror and the blind spot monitoring optional system.

So, while I definitely like this better than anything Toyota is
currently putting out, I wish there was a little more "zoom" in the

Base price: $19,990

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