Today's Rave: Honda CR-Z happy little gauges


The happy little green gauge that indicates you're driving efficiently.

Perhaps I'm dating myself a little bit here, but do you remember the guy with the big curly hair who used to have that painting show on PBS and was always talking about painting "happy little trees"? Well, I'm going to borrow a phrase from Bob Ross (the happy little painting guy) as I talk about today's rave: the happy little gauges on the all-new Honda CR-Z hybrid.

Of course, they're only a happy green if you're driving efficiently. Otherwise they turn an angry shade of blue. The worse you're driving the brighter blue the gauges become.


The angry blue gauge light that indicates you are not driving efficiently.

I think this is a great visual cue that immediately helps you determine if you're getting the most out of your Honda hybrid. Of course, no matter how hard I tried, I think I had more blue than green, which made me try even harder to get the happy little gauges.

And I did learn a few "cheats" as I tried to up the ante:

  • When you are driving the 6-speed manual transmission version, be
    sure to shift into neutral when at a stop. This causes the engine to
    shut down, thus upping the MPGs. I also discovered that when coasting in
    stop and go traffic at 2 mph, you should also keep it in neutral as
    much as possible.
  • When driving at a consistent speed more than about 25 mpg, shift all the way up to 6th gear.
  • Be sure you click on Econ mode every time you get in the car; it shuts off every time you shut your car off.

that any of this helped me much. I still averaged about 29.6 mpg when
the EPA estimates say that I should have gotten 31 mpg in the city and
37 mpg on the highway.

As if ...


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    tyres Folkestone

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