Photo Gallery: Honda CR-Z

OK. I can't say straight off that I love this car. There are certainly some things that I like about it, especially considering the Chicago factor. But, love? Well, Hmmm. Let's start with being friends first.

Chicago-friendly features:

  • Compact size
  • Excellent storage capacity with lots of nice cubby holes and hidey spots to conceal your junk while parked in an open spot
  • Engine stops when you do (at a light, in traffic, etc.)
  • Happy little gauges that tell you when you are driving efficiently
  • Comfortable seats

Things that keep this car in the "friend zone":

  • Only 2 seats? Really? Plenty of space for a rear seat
  • No electric-only driving when you are at low speeds 
  • Tries to be sporty with a sport mode, tries to be fuel efficient with an econ mode, and doesn't quite achieve either

Oh, and I don't quite understand why The CR-Z is called the CR-Z rather
than Insight when it more closely resembles the previous generation
Insight than the current generation Insight. But that's another story
for another time.

For now, check out the photo gallery.


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