Jaguar XKR trunk: a rant and a rave


It wasn't until the last full day of the test period that I discovered the final two rant and rave items. I hadn't really lifted the rear hatch much during the test period because I didn't really need it.

But on the last day, I wanted to make sure I got all those last minute just-in-case photos. And I wanted to show off the trunk area. So, this is the focal point of both today's rant and rave.

First the rant. When I lifted the hatch, the cargo cover that is slotted into the rear window fell out. OK. No big deal. I wedged it back into the holes, and clicked it into place. Then shut the hatch, and the cover immediately fell out again. I figured I didn't get it in there well enough, so I climbed into the trunk, standing in the cargo area, and reassembled.

I probably went through that process four times in a single day (once in a public parking lot), and I was not amused.

Here's a car that costs almost $100K, and it can't get the cargo cover right? Not happy.



But, today's rave also centers around this trunk area. With 11.1 cubic-feet, it has really decent cargo volume for such an awkward space.

I went to the grocery store and bought around $100 worth of groceries with enough bags that it took me more than two trips to get the groceries up 3 flights of stairs. And I tend to be a bit of a Sherpa, stacking the bags up my arms and then clasping my hands together for support. My point: I had a lot of junk in that trunk.

And there was space for more.

When you consider that the back seat isn't really a back seat but more of a storage shelf, this means you have a lot of space to carry cargo. Which means this beautiful car is perfect for a road trip for two.

You just have to make sure the cargo cover stays in place to cover up all that designer luggage that's sure to fill the trunk.

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