Today's Rave: VW Touareg panoramic sunroof


I figure if I have a rant, I should have a rave, too. Unfortunately, it's not on the Car du Jour. It's on the car I spent an hour with today: the all-new 2011 VW Touareg Hybrid.

The panoramic sunroof is the biggest, coolest, best implementation of the panoramic sunroof that I've seen. It's 350 percent larger than the sunroof in the previous model. Talk about a seat with a view. This puppy encompasses pretty much the entire roof of the vehicle. And, even better, it's standard at the Lux, Executive and Hybrid trim levels. That leaves it as an option on only the base Sport model.

Another rave: Navigation is standard on all Touareg models for 2011. Want more info on the Touareg Hybrid? Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post and photo gallery.


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