Chicago speed bumps vs. the Corvette Grand Sport


Here's a hint: The Corvette doesn't win.

Which pisses me off.

The speed bump phenomenon has officially gone too far. I get that they surround schools and areas where kids play. But alleys? And every other street on my block? Oh, oh ... and how about that AWFUL brick speed catastrophe in the parking lot of Strack & Van Til off Elston in Logan Square? Seriously? I can barely take a Hummer over that puppy without scraping the belly.

But my current problem is that I absolutely cannot take the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport over a single speed bump in Chicago (and believe me, I've probably encountered at least 20 today alone) without scuffing the bottom of the bumper. And I'm driving no more than 2 mph because I'm trying to prevent the scrape. To no avail.

I would say: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more." But, really, what can I do but blog about about my frustration? Nada.

I've tried changing my driving routes to avoid speed bumps. But then there's the Chicago pot holes. So, don't get me started. Finally, I made my boyfriend get out and take pictures. There is no way to conquer these speed bumps. Funny how Chicago can spend tons of money to put these suckers on every street, yet they still, after 2 years, haven't fixed the sink hole on my street. Awesome.

Gotta love Chicago.

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