MDX is plush, not quite city worthy


2010 Acura MDX

When I got behind the wheel of the Acura MDX, my first thought was: When did this get so big? I pretty immediately parked next to a previous generation MDX and noticed: It's always been this big.

It's just been awhile since I"ve driven the MDX. And it took me awhile to get used to the size. I have to say it looks smaller than it drives.

But the engine power -- that is quite lovely. The 300-horsepower, 3.7-liter engine effortlessly accelerates and hurls this 4,550-pound vehicle into traffic. Once I was on the highway, I barely felt the size of this vehicle, and it was very quick if not quite so nimble.

Compared to the previous clunky generation, this model, which got its
new shape in 2007, is sleek, suave and attractive. The seats were
comfortable, the interior was well laid out and I loved all the luxury
amenities (particularly the power liftgate) included on the test


What's not to like? Well, it kind of drives like a boat. Parallel
parking would be a tad difficult without the rearview camera. And for
petite people like me, the second-row seat is fairly unmanageable. I
tried to manipulate it to access the third-row seat and was huffing and
puffing by the end. And that was just to get it down. Getting it back
up was even worse.

Oh, and that third-row seat: For munchkins only. Even I couldn't fit back there comfortably.

While I think this would be a fairly comfortable suburban cruiser, it's not quite up to snuff as a city driver. I'd hate to have to pound out the inevitable dings on this $42K (base) SUV, and parking on city streets would be a pain.

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