Made in Chicago


2010 Ford Taurus

During my time in the Taurus, I spent a lot of time on the highway driving to and from Indianapolis. That's between 7 and 8 hours of total seat time. And every single minute was perfectly comfortable.

The seats afforded an excellent driving position for my petite frame, and even though it is large, it drove like a much smaller vehicle. While this might not be the quintessential compact city car, it is a really nice family sedan. And I presume there are families who do live in Chicago.

During my weeklong test, I have to admit that I didn't find much (OK, anything) that I didn't like. But favorite features that top my list include:

  • The ice-blue control lighting at night
  • The red floor lights
  • Sync -- even without navigation
  • Comfortable seats with excellent lumbar support
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity and voice activated dialing
  • Capless Easy Fuel opening

But I have to admit my all-time favorite thing about this car: It's made right here in Chicago.

Base price for the Taurus is $25,170. 


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