What does this remind you of?

So I swapped into the Mitsubishi Outlander yesterday. And, as I was coming back from lunch, I got a good full-front view of the grille. And I was slightly taken aback at its direct rip off of another manufacturer's grille.

Take off the Mitsubishi badging, add some rings, and what do you have?


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  • Hee hee... I'm going to call foul here. That grille is a direct copy, or an exact replica, of Mitsubishi's rare Lancer Evolution. In all of my years in Chicago, I have only seen one Evo on the street, besides the Chicago Auto Show.

    And that ring-o-grille of Mitsubishi's today has been an evolution of the grille first introduced by the 5th generation Evolution in 1998. So the question then becomes, who copied who?

    But in reality, it's not a matter of who copied who, since Mitsu's grille is laterally short on the top and wide at the bottom, whereas Audi's signature grille (introduced in 2005) is inverse: wide at the top and short at the bottom.

  • ok. perhaps "direct rip off" was a bit strong ... but still. you see this on audis every day, and a rare evo once in a blue moon.

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