Perfect Parking, Great Car


Subaru Impreza parked in front of Lula Cafe in Logan Square

I can't think of anything better than a great day and a great breakfast. And then it happened: A great day, great breakfast, no wait a Lula Cafe in Logan Square and a parking space up front. At noon. On a Saturday.

That never happens.

I would chalk it up to good parking karma, but I only have that when I'm with my friend Deb. So, perhaps it was the car.

The Subaru Impreza I was driving last week was of the basic variety, and I loved it. It didn't have leather seats. It didn't have a fancy radio. It didn't have a navigation system. And that was A-OK by me.

This is such a great little city car, it didn't need any of those things.

Besides, I have a cell phone with navigation, so if I truly do get lost on the grid (And, yes, it does happen. Don't laugh.), I can pop out google maps and get back on track.

This car has a base price of around $18K, and the test car (a 2.5i premium) topped out at $22K, which i thought was really decent for an all-wheel drive vehicle that had heated cloth seats. Yes, heated cloth seats. I love it!

The interior of the test car was very light, so if you have kids or pets, this might not be the wisest choice. But with the Newport Blue Pearl exterior paint, Ivory Tricot is the only interior option. If you want the darker interior, you'll have to look at red, dark grey or silver paint colors. On the positive side, Subaru does what many fancy automakers can't manage: the headliner actually matches the color of the seats.

I liked the clean simplicity of the interior, and I especially liked the velvet feel of the seating surfaces. And did i mention heated cloth seats?

My favorite feature on this car? The taillights. I'm a sucker for a good butt, and this car has one. From the rounded tush to the clear plastic covering the individual bulbs, the back of the Impreza is a thing of beauty.

And as far as a city car is concerned, the Impreza has the goods: cargo cover over the rear hatch area, tight turning radius, all wheel drive, good looks, nice price and compact size. 

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