Does safe = boring?


2010 Toyota Camry

The answer is a resounding: Kind of.

I was recently researching a story for my other life as editor in chief at Make It Better for the premiere issue of our magazine. It was about buying a safe car for your teen. So, I was looking at safety, reliability as well as affordability. While I can't tell you my top three picks (stay tuned for the magazine launch toward the end of October!), I can tell you that the winners and the runners up were perfectly nice and perfectly boring.

So, I was skimming through the safety ratings again from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and you have page after page of Hondas, Toyotas and Hyundais. All great cars, but let's be honest: Zzzzzz. The surprises, however, were from Nissan, Ford and Dodge.

Two of my hot "get a date" cars are actually among the safest on the road. Both the Mustang Convertible and the Challenger got incredibly high marks from the NHSTA. The Mustang got 5 stars across the board for frontal crashes, side crashes and rollovers. The Challenger got 5 stars for everything except the rollover category ... where it got 4.


2010 Nissan Maxima

And Nissan has two very sexy cars on the safe list: Altima and Maxima. They're fast,  attractive, fun to drive AND safe. The Alitma is more in my price range at just under $20K, but the Maxima ($30,460) is the car that I'd aspire to have.

Would you sacrifice form over function? Want fast and sexy rather than safe? Or does safe matter? I mean what's one piddly star anyway?

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