Can a car get you a date?



I could end my blog entry there, but I'm thinking that you probably need a little more explanation than that.

There are cars out there that are meccas for the male mind. Cars that women look at and roll their eyes over. Muscle cars that are more brawn than beauty. But, I'm here to tell you ladies, they bring attention and, potentially, dates.

New for 2009 and 2010, Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet have brought back American muscle at its best. Massive horsepower ratings. Behemoth bodies. Wicked colors. Completely retro styling.

And a heap of attention. I've recently had the chance to test all three, and I got varying degrees of attention. Offers of friendship. Catcalls. And, yes, date requests.

However, if you're going for broke, there is a clear winner in the date arena.


2010 Chevrolet Camaro

Let's start with the honorable mention: Chevrolet Camaro

When I got this bad boy, it was all black with a sexy red leather interior. I. Loved. This. Car. The snarky shark nose. The blue-ringed headlights. The oh-so-hot interior. And the six-speed manual transmission. Oh. My. Gosh.

Of the three modern-day muscle cars, I think the Camaro is my favorite. Yet, surprisingly, it got the least amount of attention. Sure there were whispers and second glances. Maybe a catcall or two. But that's it. Quite a disappointment.

And I'm not sure why. Of the three new muscle cars, the Camaro is the newest. I would have thought it would garner the most attention. Perhaps it was the non-descript exterior color. Perhaps it's because it was the last one in the game. Perhaps people were just damn sick waiting for it.

Regardless it was a zero on the date scale.


2010 Ford Mustang

Now for the runner up: Ford Mustang

All-new for 2010, the Mustang doesn't get a lot of obvious changes for 2010. Some crisper lines. A sharper hoodline. And, my favoritest feature: sequential taillights. This is a complete throwback to early Mustangs, and does a 1, 2, 3, blink, blink, blink when your turn signal is on. Love it.

The test vehicle was a convertible V-6 and came in a very bright blue. So bright and so blue that I dubbed her Smurfette. So, in addition to her svelte new looks, the eye-catching color was definitely what grabbed the male eye. Even in Smurf blue.

I did get a lot of lascivious looks from the males in my neighborhood and on the Kennedy and near the lakefront and, well, everywhere. But the one guy who actually worked up the nerve to talk to me only asked if he could be my friend.

Oh, well, he wasn't that cute anyway.

On the date scale: I'd give it a solid 5.


2010 Dodge Challenger

And the winner is (drum roll please): the Dodge Challenger

Smoley hokes! You'd have thought I was driving the $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron for all the attention I got while driving this Hemi Orange honey. Granted I did have it pretty early in the life cycle of the 2009 model year, but still.

I have NEVER gotten so much attention. People literally walked up to the car while I was stopped at a light and would knock on the window. If I parked anywhere, I'd come back to a mob of people surrounding the car.

One day, for kicks, I parked near Michigan Avenue just to see what would happen. I felt like a movie star. I was swarmed. And not a girl in the bunch. Married men, young men, old men. Hot men. And they all wanted to talk engine displacement, horsepower and torque. Many were taking pictures with their cell phones. They all kept crowding me.

And then there was that guy. He kept inching toward me, leaning closer and closer until his elbow rubbed mine. Then he leaned in and said: You're attractive anyway, but the car just seals the deal.

Date scale: 10.

So, if you're going to use a car as an "in" for potential dates, there's a few final things I'd recommend as you gather your game plan: 1) learn to drive a stick shift if you don't already know how (just trust me on this one), 2) get a basic understanding of horsepower and torque, and know how much of each your car has, and 3) the flashier the color, the more attention you'll get.


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  • I LOVED my '94 Camaro! I got 225+ miles and lots of looks with her.

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