The traditional metal-frame windshield wiper blades on one of our personal rides were two years old. Usually this car is quietly parked in the garage. Despite the infrequent exposure to the sun's UV rays, pollution, road grime, car wash soap, and road salt, the rubber has lost its pliability and appears glazed. Even though this frame accepts replacement rubber inserts, the metal bracket springs stick from corrosion, so we decided on a fresh set of blades with frames. SUV and wagon owners should be checking their rear wiper blade at this time. Don't wait for the rubber to be torn from the blade to do this maintenance.
Outside temps have already started their wintry descent. As traffic races by a fresh splash of salted road slush smacks the middle of your car’s windshield. Instinctively you activate your the windshield wipers. As the wiper arms move to and fro the result is smeared rather than cleared glass.  More aggravating is the chatter which... Read more »