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Cars Can't Swim - Driving In Flash Floods - Safe Driving Tips

  [MOST] CARS CAN’T SWIM… …BUT THEY CAN SURE FLOAT AWAY!   Metro Chicago’s North and Northwest areas got doused with rain last night and this morning.  Flash Flood warnings from the National Weather Service have been dispatched since last night and are continuing into this evening. Northwest Suburban Palatine received over 2″ inches of... Read more »

Winter's-A-Comin' - Affordable All-Wheel Drive

Two worthy budget choices for all-wheel drive, good for winter's powder and summer's pavement:<br> <br>(TOP): The off-roadable 2012 Jeep Compass 4x4 starts at $21,000 - our Latitude tester came in just south of $26k.<br> <br>(BOTTOM): 2012 Subaru Impreza Sport wagon, with full-time all-wheel drive for a admission price of $19,000, with our "Premium" edition ringing up for a still genuine AWD "bang-for-the buck" at $21,000!!<br>
* * * * * * * * * * * * If we got away lucky lucky with some spring-lime weather for Thanksgiving this week, WBBM-TV meteorologist and “Drive…He Said” friend, Ed Curran, would caution that meteorological winter is still another week away.  We are willing to go out on a limb and make a... Read more »

Keeping Four Eyes Peeled - Orange Leaves are as Slippery as White Snow - Safe Driving Tips

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Dear Old Dad used to warn us youngins’ to “Keep Our Four Eyes Peeled, ”  before climbing behind the wheel. The implication was being mindful of what we cannot see behind us. So “keep an eye out” for our “Drive…He Said”  Four Eyes Peeled segments on seasonal driving safety tips, quips and anecdotes. – First... Read more »