If You're In Wicker Park...tomorrow...do something SMART

If You're In Wicker Park...tomorrow...do something SMART


Planning to be in the vicinity the Chicago neighborhood of Damen, just south of Milwaukee, actually under the Blue Line tracks? Also known as Wicker Park.

Tomorrow July 7th, 2013, from 11am to 4pm.

May we recommend stopping next to Big Star taqueria at 1531 N. Damen Avenue. http://bigstarchicago.com/

Take a test drive in the new 2014 SMART fortwo-E micro city car. http://smartcarfundrive.com/

Open to the Public. That means you or anyone else over age 18 with a valid Driver's License.

PS. SMART USA is giving goodies away:  Like a $10 gift card and a voucher for a free taco at neighboring Big Star.

For parking at the event you are on your own on the street. So it will be a heluvalot easier of you already own a 8.8-foot long SMART car.

2014 SMART fortwo-E fun:

- The SMART fortwo-E is no longer the running joke in acceleration. Going from 0-60 miles-per-hour needs "just" 11.5 seconds. "Just"  being relative because the previous drivetrain needed an eternal 18 seconds. So now this plug-in-electric city micro-car is moves as quick as gas-powered compacts like the Hyundai Elantra GT.

- The SMART fortwo-E seat height is tall. View out the windshield is nearly like small crossover ute.

- For fun challenge yourself to find a cramped city sidestreet parking space which won't accommodate the SMART.

- The Tridion safety roll cage (under the polycarbonate skin) can withstand the weight of a 7000-pound SUV on its roof.

- Customers can order their cars with a unique combination of colors for major exterior polycarbonate panels. And if you get bored, you can always swap out for different ones at a SMART retailer.

- The Wicker Park neighborhood has some pretty cruddy pavement. Yet the SMART suspension shrugs off big crater impacts.

- Braking the SMART fortwo-E in 30 mph without actually applying foot to pedal, cuts down on fatigue.  It is the regenerative brakes.

- Opt for the cabrio and ye gets a fabric top which powers open or shut at up to the maximum speed of 74 mph. Can't do that in a Lexus IS-C. QUESTION:  how "SMART" would it be to lower your "SMART fortwo-E" top on the Kennedy Expressway?

2014 SMART fortwo-E quick facts:

- Price: coupe - $25,000  / cabriolet $28,000 (qualifies for US tax credit: $7500 and IL rebate: $4000)

- Occupants: 2           Doors: 3-liftback or 2-door cabriolet

- Power: 74-horsepower/ 96 pound-foot, water cooled 3-phase electric AC motor

- Transmission: Stepless automatic to rear-wheels.

- Top Speed: 78 miles per hour              0-60 mph: estimated 11.5 seconds

- Energy: Electricity stored in 17.6 kWh capacity Lithium Ion battery.

- Charge range: 68 miles, up to 76 in the city thanks to regenerative braking.

- Charge time (from 80% depletion): 240VAC = 6 hrs. / 120VAC = 12 hrs.

- Featured charging applications: PlugShare locates nearest public charging stations (ChargePoint, etc.)

- Fuel Economy: 107 mpg-E gasoline equivalent US EPA

- Curb weight: 1984-pounds, add another 50-lbs for the cabrio (payload: 400 pounds)

- Length: 8.8-feet     Width: 60.7"inches      Cabin  Headroom: 39.7"-inches

- Turning Radius: 28.7 feet.  Good for the parallel parking challenged.

- Cargo: up to 12 cubic feet, with the passenger's seat folds forward flat for more. Yes, it will fit a 26" overseas travel full suitcase.


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