Car Styling Trends - Side View Mirrors Big as Law School Case Books

Car Styling Trends -  Side View Mirrors Big as Law School Case Books

In her ChicagoNow blog "Drive, She Said" Jill Ciminillo recently raved about side-view mirrors in the 2011 Mazda6, which feature flashing images to warn of adjacent vehicles located in driver's "blind spots".

In the quest to reduce this "Bermuda Triangle", which surrounds all moving cars, Nissan's luxury division, Infiniti, has gone one step beyond the blind spot warning lights found in the new M executive sedan (the former which are part of the Technology Package in the M).


Take your typical side-view mirrors in a modern car. They are about the size of a small paperback book or one outstretched adult human hand (not belonging to an NBA player). The dimensions have been dictated by  the goal of reducing aerodynamic drag (to increase fuel economy) and overall car width restrictions in certain markets such as Japan.



Next look at the GINORMOUS side-view mirrors on the 2011 Infiniti M37x. It would take at least two small paperback books to cover each mirror. Or one old law school case book would do the trick. (Like the kind I used to lug around for three years for the ostensible purpose of reading.) Can this be the start of a new styling trend? Was this an Infiniti design engineer's sense of humor, anticipating that more than a few law school grads would be driving the new M?


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