BMW X3 - Lease Giveaway on Facebook

BMW X3 - Lease Giveaway on Facebook


In the market for a new BMW X3 or a luxury Crossover / SAV  that doesn't have an insatiable thirst for petrol and can be parked without the need for a litany of cameras? Think lady luck is on your side for a 2-year lease giveaway of a 2011 BMW X3?

Then mozy on over to BMW USA's Facebook page and link to X3 Matchup.!/BMWUSA?v=app174746902561813

You simply have to configure a new 2011 BMW X3 to match the configuration that will be aired during the February 6, 2011 telecast of Superbowl XLV (45 for the Roman Numeral challenged). You can start wildly guessing before the telecast and enter each day. The BMW X3 Matchup Superbowl ad will give hints that can be used to make daily entries until the giveaway ends on February 11, 2011.

Matching entries qualify for a drawing from which a grand prize winner (for the 2 year X3 lease) will be selected. Winner and a guest will be flown to the BMW Spartanburg, S.C. plant where they receive instruction over 2 days at the BMW Performance Driving Course. Another 10 matching entrants and their guests will be selected for the 2-day Spartanburg, S.C. Performance Driving Course

At "Drive...He Said" we say enter early and enter often.

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