This is my Chicago

This is my Chicago

The fuckery has been flying fast and furiously from The Future Former 45th.1   And I don’t think I’m alone in saying that it has been overwhelming to see how swiftly multiple agencies have been impacted by #45’s executive orders. 2

I’ll address my concerns with the executive orders in a separate post, but a recent tweet from #45 truly stopped me in my tracks.


The Future Former #45 has called out Chicago on multiple occasions for gun-related violence.   And, in case anyone is keeping score, Chicago is actually not the worst for gun-related violence and gang activity.3   In August, prior to the official introduction of “alternative facts,” #45 even said on Fox’s Bill O’Reilly that he had met with “very top police” in Chicago who assured him that they could stop the violence in one week. Of course, anyone who knows anything about a) the GOP’s obstinate refusal to address gun control and b) the impact of generational poverty on urban communities and c) the CPD's reluctance to comment publicly would know that this was all utter bullshit. Er, wait, I mean that these, too, were alternative facts.

But still.

I read the latest tweet-slam on Chicago this morning and I felt my stomach drop.

And here is why:


I had a very bad hour at work today when I thought I had lost my phone. I was worried, but I tried to set it aside while trying to teach my 3rd period class. My students immediately realized that my mood was off and interrupted the lesson to ask me what was wrong. When I finally told them, they flew into action and helped me with the “Find My Phone” app and some quick tips on how to adjust my settings in the future.

(And, finger waggers, don’t even start.   America did not go down the tubes today because we stepped away from our lesson on furniture-related vocabulary for less than ten minutes. Calm the fuck down, please.)

As it turned out, I did find my phone in a seldom-used pocket of my bag. And my students and I laughed together when I turned red and giggled with relief over finding it. (And there was some good-natured teasing about “white people problems” with the blushing. So hilarious!) We took a photo at the very end of the period to “celebrate” the phone’s homecoming as well as the love and friendship that we have in our classroom. And I texted the photo to all of them tonight using so that they would have it as well.


And here is the thing with the photo:

This is what #45 and his bigoted supporters are not seeing about Chicago.

These kids are Chicago.

And they are among the kindest, most genuine, intelligent people in my life.


This is my real Chicago.

This is not the Chicago that allegedly needs martial law because the mayor is feuding with #45.

This lovely place, room 108, is my Chicago.

Please focus on these beautiful children’s faces and not on #45’s madness.




1To quote the incredible Luvvie Ajayi, “Can I get an ‘Amen!’ for that alliteration!”   I mean, really now...

2I will not acknowledge that gentleman by title or by name.   He is a mere number.

3 Please check out this article: “Chicago Isn’t Even Close to Being the Gun Violence Capital of the United States”


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