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Menagerie à Trois: Almost As Much Fun As It Sounds

We gotta get out of this place… …if it’s the last thing we ever do. The Animals-1965 You all remember Max . Our 90 pound multi-breed will greet you at the door with his Irish Wolf Hound-like smile, a loud but friendly bark, and a demand to be loved. He is Barb’s shadow, though happiest when I... Read more »

What Looked Like a Step Forward Becomes a Step Back

I’m fixing a hole… …were the rain gets in. The Beatles, 1967 First some clean up from our last blog post. A mea culpa is in order. In this world of instant gratification, I had assumed that since I had ordered my razor blades three weeks ago, they must have arrived already. I assumed that... Read more »

Why a Good Wife is Better than a Pack of Razor Blades

Look through any window… …what do you see? The Hollies, 1965     Sunday morning in the Raff home. Me: I can’t find the new razor blades I ordered on line. I am pretty sure they came last week. Barb: Where did you look? Me: Everywhere. Sunday evening, bed time. Barb: Why did you order... Read more »

Sucking a Little Less Blood. Is it Trick, or Treat?

We know the fire awaits unbelievers…. …all of the sinners the same. Unbelievers–Vampire Weekend–2013 Just in time for Halloween, and it’s a bloody mess! The hot shot,  Jobsian (think Apple, not Biblical)  CEO with the start up venture  in California was going to change the way we lab rats did your blood work. No more... Read more »

Why You Should Be Reading This Blog

You can check out any time you like… …but you can never leave. The Eagles–1976 Another Newbie Blog on ChicagoNow. What is this one all about? Call it a personal adventure if you like. My wife Barb and I are young (in our own minds) empty nesters, rattling around in a big suburban home with... Read more »