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We Take a Shine to YInMN. It's the New Blue!

Have you seen her dressed in blue? See the sky in front of you. The Rolling Stones-1967 Once again, I have mislead my blog readers. I told you that white was the decorating color of the year. That may be what Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore want us to believe. But they missed the boat on... Read more »

Music Trivia Tuesday-What do Neil Young and Neil Diamond Have in Common?

Where did the title to your favorite album or CD comes from? It might be simple, just the name of the artist or band, such as the first album from  Boston. Sometimes a Roman numeral gets appended and you have a Chicago  II or a Led Zeppelin III.  With concept albums, the artist may choose... Read more »

OUR New Years Eve Drinking Game

Where you drink champagne… …and it tastes just like Coca-Cola The Kinks-Lola When you get to be a little older, the need for a clear head and fewer calories starts to replace the desire for over-drinking on New Years Eve. And at our age, who wants to be anticipating a morning-after hangover? But drinking games... Read more »