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Running Mates and Other Mates: Fighting Trump, Fighting Cancer

Girl, I heard you’re getting married, Heard your getting married, This time you’re really sure. Brooklyn Bridge-1969 Ted Cruz keeps looking for a partner. First we have the sort of/maybe/not really deal with John Kasich, trying to not cut each others throats in the remaining primaries. Quickly followed by yesterday’s announcement of Carly Fiorina as... Read more »

Mattel's New Barbies Are Not Enough!

It’s just a … …personality crisis. New York Dolls, 1973 When Laury was a little girl, the gift she always asked for, but never received, was a shiny pink plastic Barbie car. It would have been the perfect companion for her blonde, sleek, and unnaturally proportioned Barbie doll. But with sales of that California Barbie... Read more »