Build a Bridge; Save a Life. Let's Prevent More Mass Killings

I was going to write about tennis. The blog was all written in my head, and I had most of it down on the page. But I kept thinking to myself, “Is this really what I want to be writing about?” While lots of good things have been happening in my family, other families are... Read more »

From the Autopsy Files - The Triangle of Death

A recent article in the New York Times had me thinking about surprise diagnoses I had made in my career. Most were made via an unexpected finding on a biopsy examination, but the first was undoubtedly during my Pathology residency, spending manyy hours in the morgue on the hospital autopsy rotation. Mr. Jones was an... Read more »

My Evolution: Three Dogs at Night

Evolution. Darwin promoted it, science supports it, and even some politicians believe in it. And as the world around has evolved, so has my relationship to the height of evolution, the canine. Slowly, over time, I have learned to…accept. I was raised in a dogless apartment; Mousy, a first generation house cat, was the ruler... Read more »
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The Walking Man Is Back, But He Is No Longer Alone

I saw him again this morning. It was the early gloamin’ hours, maybe 5:30 a.m. Sunrise was not yet near, but the streets were sufficiently illuminated by the three-quarter moon, glimmering weakly behind stars, a sorry remnant of the dominating “Super Blue Blood Moon” of days before. Every third or fourth porch light was on, waiting... Read more »

President Donald Trump Salutes Super Blog CC

To recognize this blog’s 200th edition, I have asked President Trump to comment. Below is an unedited transcript of a voicemail I received this morning. “Ok, this is President Trump. I love CiCi’s Pizza. Love their pizza buffet. It’s huuuuge. And the pepperoni slices are big enough to cover up a porn star’s…oh wait, Sarah... Read more »

Uncle Les's Travel Diary: Good Morning Vietnam, Good Afternoon Cambodia, Good Night Thailand.

We did it! We took our 15 hour flights, our good walking shoes and a crate of Pepto-Bismol as we explored a part of the world we had never seen before. Read on for a brief summary of our travels. Day 1: Arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam. Hot. Meet 30 American tour companions. All agree it is... Read more »

Presidential Thoughts on War-President Trump Buttons Up Number Seven

Some Presidential Thoughts on War. George Washington:  “While we are contending for our own liberty, we should be very cautious not to violate the rights of conscience in others, ever considering that God alone is the judge of the hearts of men, and to him only in this case they are answerable.” Thomas Jefferson:  “We... Read more »

The Walking Man on New Year's Eve. What is Ahead?

The Walking Man was outside again this morning, his bulky winter coat casting a Michelin Man shadow on the suburban snow. Another frigid day, but he trudged down the street, a knit cap pulled tightly against his scalp. His gloves were massively thick, his matching muffler pulled tight across his face. Bulky wireless headphones arched... Read more »

Are We Kissing Friends Now? Seven Rules for the Unsure.

A Kiss is Still a Kiss As Time Goes Bye Herbert Hupfeld, 1931 Would Larry David diss me as a “kisser-greeter?” I never want to harass.  I don’t want to spread germs.  But I don’t want to be a cold fish either. So I never know. When do I go for the hug with a... Read more »

Seven Words Pathologists Shouldn't Use Any More. Number 6 Says It All.

George Carlin set the standard. His “Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV” has lasted for more than four decades as both a comedy classic and as a listing of what American eardrums are too sensitive to hear being broadcast. Yes, there have been some breaks in the wall,  and cable subscribers have moved well... Read more »