Bill, Ted, and Dr. Who Visit the Anti-Vaxers

Europe. Early 14th Century. Bill and Ted suddenly appear in their time traveling phone booth. The village elder approaches them in wonder. Bill: “Dudes, we gotta tell you something. There’s like this disease or something that’s coming and it is truly gnarly. They call it Black Death or the Plague or some sh*t like that, and... Read more »

Falling Hard and Feeling Blue

“If I fell in love with you, would you promise to be true.” The Beatles-1964 You can fall in love. You can fall to temptation. You can fall to a con man. Or you can just fall on your butt. Over the last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of the latter. I... Read more »

Is $23 Million CEO Compensation The Reason Your Hospital Bill is So High?

Been to the hospital lately? Check in to Good Samaritan in Downers Grove or St. Lukes in Wisconsin? The former parent companies of those two hospitals, the Advocate and the Aurora Health Care Systems, joined up last year and the new hybrid, Advocate Aurora Health is now 27 hospitals huge! I hope you got great... Read more »

You Aren't Presidential Anymore

A lament to the tune of “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.” You don’t show us tax forms You won’t reveal your K1’s You blamed it on the auditing rules You claimed when you ran you would do it someday.   I remember when You said that you were wealthy You said that you were manly... Read more »

Retire and Start a New Career? Who Knew it was this Simple!

Retirement is in my ear. Sometimes it whispers, other times it roars. While I do not anticipate any major changes to my career for the next 3 or 4 years, I have certainly begun imagining what life will be like beyond that time. Not being a golfer or a serial socializer I have been wondering... Read more »

Can You Go Home Again? I Tried.

One of my favorite musicals is “A Chorus Line,” the 1970’s show in which a handful of dancers auditioning for a Broadway show tell the stories of their lives. Diana, one of the lead characters, sings about her high school class in “method” acting,” trying to “be a sports car or an ice cream cone.”... Read more »

Lustig, Lustig, Can Be Trusted-Great Guys and Gals at a Great Jeweler

If the ring fits, wear it. On the other hand, if the ring doesn’t fit, NO amount of hand lotion or elbow grease is going to get it on or off your finger. As I have written before, that was the situation with my current wedding, a beautiful gold and platinum affair Barb had picked... Read more »

What Your Man's Shaving Style Says About Your Relationship. Don't Miss The Warnings!

special report from the editors of LadyLove Magazine Your man stands at the bathroom mirror, razor in his hand, considering his face. He begins a ritual that goes back to his teens, a ritual that men have embraced for tens of thousands of years. How to get rid of that grizzly morning fuzz, and transform... Read more »

Ten Things To Look For In A Candidate-See Why They Are Redacted.

Hello Chicagoland. Did you know the Illinois 2020 Presidential Primary is less than a year away? It’s on March 17th, 2020 to be exact. And with Joe Biden getting ready to announce, the Democratic field is almost set. Do I know who I will vote for? No, but I have my wants and my desires.... Read more »

Passover is Coming, and I Burnt Carrots!

Passover. The holiday of escape from slavery and a march to freedom. From the voice of God in the Burning Bush to the roar of Moses to let his people go. It is a heroic story full of bravery and miracles. And like all Jewish festivals, it is celebrated with food. Lots and lots of... Read more »