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Who was John Elsas, and Why Do I Care?

Are you into genealogy? Some people get their fix via “23 and Me,” some get it by meticulous research on sites such as “” I have never delved into genealogy, but I got a taste of my family’s backstory via an unexpected email from more than 4000 miles away. The email, from Frankfurt, Germany, was... Read more »

Is Terry Boers' Autobiography the "Bore of a Lifetime?"

Since 1992, the soundtrack of my life has mostly been a shuffle between the “the adult rock” of WXRT and the non-stop sports prattle on WSCR, “The Score.” I have followed The Score across three radio frequencies and a shifting roster of hosts. But for most of that time, the one constant was Terry Boers,... Read more »

They Might Be Dinosaurs. Springsteen and U2, Two Decades, Two Dominating Albums

I was reminded that it has been a while since I continued my “10 Favorite Albums” list. And as usual, once I start writing about music, I can’t stop at just one album. So today — two great albums, two very different decades in my life. We begin in the late summer of 1975 sitting... Read more »

Do You Have Snobby Tastes? This Zippy List Says That We Do!

I came upon a fascinating little squib in my Time Magazine Daily Email. Researchers at the University of Chicago (Go Maroons!) using data from 2016 have come up with a list of the Top Ten products that can separate the highest economic class of Americans from the lowest class. Apparently, this list is not based... Read more »

We Were Once Friends. Now You "Share" Hate.

How many years were we on the same Medical Staff at our sleepy suburban hospital? We were never close friends, but we could share a companionable conversation. You were a raconteur who would have everyone in the Doctor’s Lounge listening to every word as you wove your tales. You would amuse and amaze us. You... Read more »

Kitchen Confidential. A Crunchy Confession

Have you ever really screwed something up? And then tried to hide it? Come on, I know you have. It’s human nature. But it is also human nature to feel the need for confession. If you can talk about it, it really couldn’t have been that bad. And so my friends, it is time for... Read more »

When is the Right Time To Say Goodbye? Five Keys for Me.

A colleague of mine retired recently. She and I had worked together for nearly 30 years, journeying together from Holy Family Medical Center in Des Plaines to our exciting adventure creating the UroPartners Laboratory. She shares a birthday with my son and son-in-law and is about the same age as I am. And at her... Read more »

Does Every Picture Tell a Story? It's Next on My Top Album List.

When I say “Rod Stewart” you may think of the current creepy crooner singing American classics or the even creepier late 1970’s guy in tight Spandex (is there any other kind?) singing bad Disco (again, is there any other kind?) But when I think of Rod I try to block out all those painful visions... Read more »

After Jon Snow and Ygritte, Ten TV Couples We Would Have Liked to See Married in Real Life. You Might Disagree with Number Six.

Jon Snow and Ygritte happily ever after? No, (spoiler alert if you are way, way behind) it didn’t turn out that way on Game of Thrones. But we have hopes in real life, as Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, the two actors who play(ed) the roles, were married June 23rd. With no White walkers or... Read more »

When I Want to Laugh I Think of Allan Sherman

Continuing on with my occasional list of albums that have had the most influence on me, I am heading back to the early 1960’s and the First King of Song Parodies, Allan Sherman. Before Steve Dahl rocked with “Ayatollah,” before Al Yankovic foisted his weirdness upon us, I was memorizing the lyrics to every song on... Read more »