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Why "Build Me a Wall" Hasn't Worked for 50 Years!

Friday afternoon, 1967. A schoolyard in Rogers Park. The sun is shining brightly, but the nip of late fall is in the air. No grass grows in this schoolyard. This isn’t the mean streets or the jungle, but this is still a Chicago Public School, and amenities like grass are thought unnecessary. There isn’t much... Read more »

Do Cyndi Lauper, Ray Liotta or Jennifer Garner Get the Job Done?

“Hi, I’m just a guy  named Ray Liotta and I don’t smoke anymore, thanks to Chantix.” There is nothing new about celebrity product endorsements. Back in the 50’s Ronald Reagan shilled for Chesterfield cigarettes while Rock Hudson was a Camels type of guy. Star athletes can make millions from the what they wear, from the... Read more »

New York Times Best Suggestions Sort of Suck!

I like the New York Times. I’m an online subscriber and try to read it every day. But sometimes The Times runs the most annoying articles and features. I’m not talking about the political pieces. If I didn’t agree with The Times Editorial Board in the matter of Donald Trump I probably wouldn’t be a... Read more »

The Green Book and Mudbound: Two Movies of Black and White

Holiday Season is Viewing Season too, and Barb and I have used the extra free time to watch a pair of movies. We saw The Green Book at the theater as part of dinner and a movie night with friends, and Mudbound at home on the evening of Christmas Day after sending the family packing... Read more »

3 Elections and a Question. No Politics Involved!

No, not the Mid-Terms. There wasn’t much drama in my solidly blue district. But three elections I was involved with in the past month all hit closer to home. Hometown Hoedown Want to caucus? I was recently invited to participate on a Nominating Committee picking candidates for 3 Board of Trustee positions in our sleepy... Read more »

The Pathologist and the Pea

You all remember the story of the Princess and the Pea. In the fairy tale, a beautiful young woman of questionable parentage is proven to be royalty when a pea at the bottom of a stack of mattresses disturbs her enough to prevent her from sleeping. (I know, they had weird tests for royalty back... Read more »

10 Reasons Why I'll Host Them Damn Oscars!

Dear Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: I hear the Oscar Awards are coming up pretty soon. And I hear you are having trouble getting yourselves a host for the broadcast. The Kevin Hart thing didn’t work out too well. Neither Johny Carson nor Bob Hope is around to bail you out. Well, February... Read more »

Mrs. Maisel Is Streaming Again and You Should Be Watching!

It has been a year since I offered all of you the Christmas present of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. And thank you Amazon Prime for bringing us this year’s gift of Season 2. The story of the early 60’s Midge Maisel, struggling to survive as a mother, ex-wife, and stand-up comedian is back with 10... Read more »

The Three R's. Doing Some Readin', Writin', and 'Rithmetic.

Yesterday we were political. Today we are not. Some thoughts, questions, and observations on readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic.     Reading Fiction or non-fiction? In my case, I am looking for a good plot, good characters, a good climax and denouement. So it is mostly fiction for me. My last non-fiction book was about the... Read more »

Reaching Trexit Velocity--It Is Time to Eject Trump

Exactly two years ago I decided to give then President-Elect Donald Trump a chance. I put aside my doubts and fears, shook hands with my one Conservative friend and bit the bullet of inevitability. But I did lay out 10 Commandments for Trump to follow. Simple things like respecting (or at least understanding) the Constitution,... Read more »