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Donald Trump Is No Doctor Ben Casey

    We have been inundated with the news that Donald Trump successfully remembered for a few minutes the sequence “person, woman, man, camera, TV” as part of his recent cognitive skills test. Well, I can remember five words with a similar cadence, and they are from a lot more than a few minutes ago. In fact,... Read more »

DePaul Gets It Right, Doesn't Cancel Police

“You can’t separate the person from the career. It doesn’t matter that there are good cops.” So says Aneesah Shealey, a student at DePaul University, quoted in Tuesday’s Tribune. Fortunately, the administration at Depaul recognizes that part of a college education is learning that not everything is black in white, not every position should be... Read more »

The Good or the Bad--Beatles or Broadway. A Choose Your Own Adventure. Part 1

Best Songs by the Solo Beatles, or Worst Theater Experiences. You Make the Choice. Things come together; things come apart. The most infamous break-up in the music world was the end of the Beatles. I know that I can’t pick any one song as my favorite Beatle hit, but can I pick a bestie from... Read more »

A Few Thumbs Up Go Along Way These Days

Tough times make opportunities to step up. So some thumbs up are in order. Thumbs Up: Political Showcase Division Has there ever been a more Laurel and Hardyesque appearing duo than JB Pritzker and Lori Lightfoot? The rotund Governor and the tiny dynamo of a Mayor talk sense while neither downplaying the severity of the... Read more »

Haiku for Our Times: COVID 19 Edition

        Sometimes 17 syllables are all you need–or all you can say. Overwhelming COVID Virus I look for it on Google Find 10 billion hits. Interconnection The world is not flat Despite Thomas L. Friedman It’s a petri dish. Leading Rick Grimes is gone Don’t need him for a hero No zombies are here.... Read more »

Biden and Sanders Serenade

    To the tune of Frere Jacques, with apologies to Allan Sherman Joe Biden: Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders How are you? How are you? Your numbers are all fading Your chances are degrading What to do? What to do? Bernie Sanders: Joseph Biden, Joseph Biden What’s with you? What’s with you? You romped in... Read more »

Joe Biden, I Feel Your Pain. I Get Tongue Tied Too!

The dust may be starting to settle. Potential candidates are dropping like flies, and only the two old white guys remain. The ladies-gone. The minorities-gone. The LGBTQ-gone. Any mixture of the above-gone. So I have to consider my options. Do I like the shouting grampa or the bumbling grampa? If both are still sticking around (and... Read more »

For What It's Worth-Revisited

In the 1960s we had protest songs. We had Dylan, we had McGuire, we had Country Joe. Pete Seeger was temporarily banned for Big Muddy and Roger Daltry stuttered to his generation. And we had Buffalo Springfield. Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay, et al, asking what it was all worth. The harrowing lyric “Step out... Read more »

I Collect Tees. How About You?

Are you a collector? Some people collect valuable things like stamps and coins. Some people collect trinkets from around the world, things like beer mugs or thimbles. Not me. I want things I can use, things with no value but the sentimental kind. I collect tee shirts and running shirts from wherever I can get my... Read more »

A Loud Lady Tells The World How To Beat Trump

  Hi, it’s Anne. Remember me? I couldn’t watch either of the big events. No, I couldn’t watch him preen at his State of the Union address, though I did see the SloMo replay of Nancy shredding paper a few dozen times. And I couldn’t watch the impeachment farce vote. All that hypocrisy. But what... Read more »