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Did 48 Years Worth of Suckers Elect Donald Trump?

“There’s a sucker born every minute.” You all know the quote. While it is most commonly attributed to P.T. Barnum, it precedes him, and there is no evidence he actually ever said it. But someone, somewhere, did originate it.  And 48 years worth of those suckers voted for Donald Trump for President. How do I... Read more »

Trump for Veep? Why Not?

In a New York Times opinion piece, Matt Latimer, a former speech writer for President Bushes I and II suggests that Mike Pence, Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee, should convince Donald Trump to resign his candidacy making Pence the new presidential candidate. Latimer gives all the usual reasons why we don’t want a Trump Presidency including a... Read more »

It's Her Party and I'll Cry If I Want To; Bernie Sanders Can't Crack a Smile

It was a week when I should have been spending every night packing up the house. We have done a lot but there is so much more to do. It was a week when I could have been watching the City Series, a chance to see the White Sox one last time before they throw... Read more »

March Madness Bracketology-Presidential Style

  I’m winning… …and I don’t intend, on losing again. Santana, 1981 March Madness! How have your brackets been doing? Michigan State? Kanas? Oh, no, I am not talking about THAT March Madness. I am talking about that other hardcourt, hardball challenge, the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Just as the the NCAA Men’s Basketball Season started... Read more »

Donald Trump Takes On Artificial Intelligence

Oh the games people play now… …Every night and every day now. Joe South–1968 A “Downsize, Maybe” interview with Mr. Donald Trump: “So I have been hearing a lot about this artificial intelligence machine, Google’s AlphaGo. I hear Google didn’t actually develop this thing, they just bought the company. It was a British company. Now... Read more »